Access and Equity Policy

1. Principles

The access and equity policy is based on the following principals:

  1. Providing and maintaining training and employment services that reflect fair and reasonable opportunity, and consideration for all, regardless of race, colour, and religion, gender or physical disability, regardless of the prevailing community values.
  2. Equity for all people through the fair and appropriate allocation of resources and involvement in vocational education and training and employment.
  3. Equality of outcome for all people, without discrimination.
  4. Access for all people to appropriate employment and training programs and services
  5. Increased opportunity for people to participate in vocational education and training and employment and in relevant decision making processes within the vocational education and training system.

2. Target Groups

The access and equity policy target groups are:

  1. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders;
  2. People with disability;
  3. People from non-English speaking backgrounds;
  4. People in transition and other special groups (i.e. people re-entering the workforce, long term unemployed, sole parents, people with literacy problems, and those who have been institutionalised);
  5. Women; and
  6. People from regionally isolated communities.

3. Access & Equity Rules

The Apprenticeship Factory will apply the following rules in support of access and equity.

  1. All staff are given fair and reasonable:
    1. opportunity to participate in relevant decision making processes; and
    2. allocation of resources and services.
  2. All applicants are to be given fair and reasonable opportunity to secure employment.
  3. Where two or more applicants are assessed equal by order of merit, greater weight is to be given to people from the access and equity target groups.
  4. Priority between target group’s members should be determined on an individual basis and should be given to those members who have suffered the greatest disadvantage.

4. Annual Review

The Access and Equity Policy is to be reviewed annually as determined by the internal audit system.

5. Re-evaluation

All perceived deficiencies in the Access and Equity Policy are to be documented at the review and investigation to determine whether a deficiency exists, and if so:

  1. The impact of the deficiency
  2. How the policy should be amended to eliminate the deficiency; and
  3. Whether the suggested amendment is consistent with a ‘best practice strategy’.

Download the Policy

Access and Equity Policy Download the Policy in PDF format. – 149 KB PDF file

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